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Ladies and Gentlemen,
we would like to offer the following used boilers, subject to prior sale E&OE. Pictures and prices we will send you on demand.

Offer no: BKT-1278-200824
N1 – used steam boiler, manufacturer: Loos, type: UL-S, y.o.c. 1996
Max steam generation: 4000 kg/h, max working pressure boiler: 16,0 bar
the boiler was used as a back-up, very little used, in very good condition

Offer no: BKT-1278-200718
2 x used steam boilers, manufacturer: EMO, y.o.c. 1990, efficiency: 25 tph steam (18.600 MW),
heating with natural gas, burners: manufacturer Weishaupt
operating pressure 18 bar (control pressure 23,4 bar), temperature 210°C,
supply tank with degasser, condensate tank, feed pumps,
These boilers were a reserve at the heating plant and worked only 30-40 days a year.
Perfect condition.
Location: Europe

offer no: BKT-1278-170126
1 x used steam boiler, manufacturer: Vítkovice a.s. Ostrava
Type DENAPAK by license CMI
Year of production: 1994 / renowated 2018
In operation since: 1996
Production number: 3167
Heat-heating area of 1142 m2
Heat-transferable steam
Pressure and steam temperature: 6.5 Mpa / 490°C
Rated thermal / steam output 38 MW / 40 t/h
Fuel type: gas, oil, mazout
Dimensions W x D x in 10 x 19 x 14 m
Total weight 125,000 kg

Burner: Number 1
Manufacturer SAACKE GmbH, Type DD ZG 14
Production number 9402/012
Turbine type 6H5262/2, manufacturer SKODA: 4 MW, 5000 kVA, 3000 rpm, 6300 V +/- 5%, 460 A

offer no: BKT-1278-200402
1 x used steam boiler, brand: Viessmann, Vitomax 200 HS type M235 037 ÜH, y.o.c. 2007,
Nominal steam output of 12 tph, 13 bar, heating: natural gas
– Boiler Purpose: production of steam for heating buildings, hot water production technology
– Boiler type: stationary medium pressure steam boiler
– Fuel: natural gas
– Allowable working pressure: 13 bar (1.3 Mpa)
– Test pressure: 24.1 bar (2.41 Mpa)
– Minimum burner output: 2.3 MW
– Nominal burner power: 10.0 MW
– Boiler output 8 MW
– Thermal power boilers 8.51 MW
– Permissible temperature steam according to label data: 260 ° C
– Rated steam temperature according to the technical specifications of delivery: 225 ° C
– Nominal feed water temperature: 103-105 ° C.
– Water volume of the packed boiler / at operating level: 28400/22600 l
– Designation of the boiler: “K1” left, fire-tube boiler flame with three strokes with pressure furnace

– Water treatment installation with feed water pumps

– steam boiler dismantled and secured
– Jaroslav Vlcek – Heat and Combustion Technology Ltd. Prerov
– Type AVP 10
– Sn 1067, year of manufacture 2007
– Nominal output of 10 MW
– Minimum power of 2.3 MW
– Fuel Pressure 100 kPa.
Specified efficiency of thermal energy production fuel boilers: Ø 95.00%
The boiler was operated a total of 10,962 hours.
The boiler was carried out regular inspections according to the decree for power equipment:
– 4 x yearly operational review
– 1 x yearly leak test
– 1 x yearly adjustment of the burner
– 2 x yearly revision BOSB elements
– 1 x yearly emission measurements
Airport for inspection: Warsaw in Poland

Offer no: BKT-1278-200714
1 x used water boiler for central heating, manufacturer LOOS, y.o.c. 2005,
Thermal power; 11,2 MW, Max pressure: 0,6 Mpa (6 bar), Max water temperature: 110°C
Burner, brand: Saacke, type SKVG-A 124, y.o.c. 2005, for gas and oil
type of gas: natural gas, Qmin=1750kW, Qmax=11600 kW, pmin=100 mbar, pmax=400 mbar,
Fuel oil: EL, Mbmin=150 kg/h, Mbmax=995 kg/h, CE0085, DIN 5G 989/02
airport for inspection: Krakow in Poland

Offer no: BKT-1278-180724
1 x used steam boiler Babcock, type Omnical, no: 18347, y.o.c. 1995, capacity steam: 8 t/h
max working pressure 8 bar, Temp. 175°C, Volumen 9,03 m³
With control cabinet, gas burner Weishaupt, all fittings but without pumps.
it is just dismantled and ready for shipping
Location: Poland

Offer no: BKT-1278-190912
1 x used thermal oil boiler, manufacturer: INGATHERM, Type Intec ET2000-40HSO, y.o.c. 1996
capacity 1860 kW, admissible working temperature 300°C, admissible working pressure 10 bar
content 1237 liters, min volume flow 90m³/h, acceptance German TÜV
dual oil and gas burner Weishaupt, control cabinet, oil circulation pump
airport for inspection: Warsaw in Poland

Offer no: BKT-1278-181128N1 – used coal steam boiler, steam production 8 t/h, pressure 16 bar
manufacturer: Boiler Factory SA SEFAKO, Poland
y.o.c.: 1990 (The boiler as a spare, not used much)
– width: 3,60 m
– height: 3,85 m
– length: 7,20 with grate (without grate: 6,10 m)
– weight of boiler: 30 ton
– weight of grate for the oven: +10 ton (in container)
Certificate valid till 2020 year

Offer no: BKT-212-200220
1 x used steam boiler plant, brand: astebo GmbH (former HOVAL) AUSTRIA, type: THSD-I 8000
efficiency: 8 t steam/h (5216 kW), Fuel heat output: 5490 kW, heating with natural gas and oil;
operating pressure 6, max pressure 10 bar, temperature 185°C,
y.o.c. 2008, with all auxiliaries,
The installation consists of the following main components:
Steam boiler, brand: astebo GmbHwith BOSB (Safety manostat), brand: FEMA
Oil and natural gas combi-burner, brand: Ray, y.o.c. 2008, type: BGEC 500, Oil-output: min. 80kg/h, max 500 kg/h, Gas-output: min. 930 kW, max 5814 kW, Gas-pressure: min. 110 mbar, max 250 mbar; servomotor type R6, 230 V, 50 Hz, 13 mA, IP54
2 Feed-water pump, brand: Grundfos, type CRE 15-9 K-F-A-E-HQQE, pressure 10 bar, flow rate: 10 m³/h
BOSB installation, brand: Hoval / Silberbauer
Boiler water conduct value control
Economizer, brand: GEA, y.o.c. 2008, type: 12-1600/432-3.0-ET4-FE41-D6; pressure: 16/29 bar, 200°C, volume 67 liters
Stainless steel chimney, brand SES, free-standing
Feed-water tank with degasser
Condensate system
Gas supply
Condensation economizer
airport for inspection: Munich (München) in Germany