oferta nr: BKT-164-190509 (linia do powlekania materiałów)

N1 – used coating line: stenter frames with coating unit
Stenter frame, manufacturer Bruckner – frame working width 1200 – 2400, y.o.c. 1988 and in 2007complete overhauled
6 compartments with 12 modern Maxon burners
Horizontal pin chain with 860 needle bar carriers
Unroll at the inlet: center winder
Roll-up at the outlet: 2-fold support arm + center winder
Film unwrapping 2-fold with crane runway
Coating line, manufacturer: EHA – 3 knife holder air / roll squeegee, y.o.c. 1988
Pressing plant, manufacturer: JWS (max 50 N/mm), y.o.c. 1991
Dwell time measurement Pleva TDS-95, manufacturer: Pleva, y.o.c. 2010
Application meter, manufacturer: Pleva, type: AF-310, y.o.c. 2010
Edge cut, manufacturer: Calemard, type: hot and cold
Location: Germany