Offer no: BKT-378-190202 (kalander do termobondingu)

1 x used 3 rollers thermobonding calender for non-woven, manufacturer: Cenaro, Poland,
typ JX9, y.o.c. 2015, working width: 1200 mm, rollers width: 1300 mm
Calender is designed for finishing of nonwovens with a basis weight of 20 g/m² to 300 g/m²

Technical data:

3 steel rollers with diameter: 300 mm each
working width: 1200 mm
rollers width: 1300 mm
temperature of rollers: max 200 °C
Rollers pressure: max 50 kN/m (50 kG/cm)
Speed. 0,8 – 19 m/min

Hydraulic pressure of the rollers, using 4 cylinders (two on the upper shaft and the lower shaft, independent control)
• cylinder diameter 63 mm
• Max. working pressure in hydraulic system 12 MPa
• These hydraulic cylinders powered by HL-46 hydraulic power (driven by an electric motor)

The heating of the shaft I and shaft II is three-zone, the lower shaft is not heated
• Heating power of the shaft main zone: 7.2 kW
• Heating power of each of the two side zones 1.2 kW
• Total heating power of both shafts 19.2 kW

Calender has a winding device equipped with a metering sensor measuring the length of the web in the web. The largest diameter of the filament is 400 mm

Total power installed in calender is 21.8 kW

Calender has a control cabinet with operator panel

External dimensions of calender:
• width – 3335 mm (with 3665 mm control cabinet)
• length – 1340 mm (with control cabinet 1645 mm),
• calender height – 2295 mm

Airport for inspection: Warsaw in Poland