Offer no: BKT-212-190224 (steam boiler)

1 x used steam boiler plant, brand: astebo GmbH (former HOVAL) AUSTRIA, type: THSD-I 8000
efficiency: 8 t steam/h (5216 kW), Fuel heat output: 5490 kW, heating with natural gas and oil;
operating pressure 6, max pressure 10 bar, temeperature 185°C,
y.o.c. 2008, with all auxiliaries,

The installation consists of the following main components:

Steam boiler, brand: astebo GmbH with BOSB (Safety manostat), brand: FEMA
Oil and natural gas combi-burner, brand: Ray, y.o.c. 2008, type: BGEC 500, Oil-output: min. 80kg/h, max 500 kg/h, Gas-output: min. 930 kW, max 5814 kW, Gas-pressure: min. 110 mbar, max 250 mbar; servomotor type R6, 230 V, 50 Hz, 13 mA, IP54
2 Feed-water pump, brand: Grundfos, type CRE 15-9 K-F-A-E-HQQE, pressure 10 bar, flow rate: 10 m³/h
BOSB installation, brand: Hoval / Silberbauer
Boiler water conduct value control
Economizer, brand: GEA, y.o.c. 2008, type: 12-1600/432-3.0-ET4-FE41-D6; pressure: 16/29 bar, 200°C, volume 67 liters
Stainless steel chimney, brand SES, free-standing
Feed-water tank with degasser
Condensate system
Gas supply
Condensation economizer