Offer no: BKT-1269-180604 (steam boiler – LOOS)

Used steam boilers, manufacturer LOOS Universal ZFR-28000 28 tons/h, 10 bar, y.o.c. 2004
Two steam boilers made by LOOS in 2004. The boilers are identical, only working hours are different.
Boilers are three-pass, double-flame smoke tube boilers with separate smoke gas passages and it is also suitable for operation with only single firing. The burners are Weishaupt RGL 70/2 – A type multi fuel (natural gas and light fuel oil) burners which are covered with easily removable insulation box. For natural gas the boilers both has two gas control train systems and for light liquid fuel both boilers has two identical fuel pumps. The boilers have their own main control panel with Simatic S7-300 PLCs Boilers have been operational one at a time, alternated yearly. Both units are in good condition.

Manufacturer: LOOS International
Boiler type: Universal Double Flame ZFR-28000
Manufacturing year: 2004
Steam capacity (saturated): 28.000 kg/h each boiler
Water volume: 41800 liters / boiler
Steam pressure: 10 bar
Test pressure: 18.5 bar
Max steam temperature: 184°C
Burner (4 units): Weishaupt Multifuel RGL70/2-A
Capacity: Min 1000 kW, max 11500 kW
Light fuel capacity: Min 160 kg/h – 881 kg/h
Burner serial: ZM-NR 5447645
Control PLC: Siemens Simatic S7-300
Operating hours: 15 000 h – 22 000 h