Offer no: BKT-1278-170201 (central heating boiler LOOS, 11,2 MW)

1 x used water boiler for central heating, manufacturer LOOS, y.o.c. 2005,
Thermal power; 11,2 MW
Max pressure: 0,6 Mpa (6 bar)
Max water temperature: 110°C
Burner, brand: Saacke, type SKVG-A 124, y.o.c. 2005, for gas and oil
type of gas: natural gas, Qmin=1750kW, Qmax=11600 kW, pmin=100 mbar, pmax=400 mbar, Fuel oil: EL, MBmin=150 kg/h, MBmax=995 kg/h, CE0085, DIN 5G 989/02