Offer no: BKT-1269-160415 (steam boiler LOOS-Universal ZFR 28000)

1 x used steam boiler plant, brand: LOOS, type: Universal ZFR 28000,
efficiency: 28 t steam/h, y.o.c. 2004, with all auxiliaries, operating hours: only around 9000

Originally the plant had two identical boilers but we sold the first one last year. In that time the owner sold only one boiler and kept one boiler with all auxiliaries – fully functional plant – as a reserve for his other boilers. Therefore our offer today includes a complete operational steam plant with one LOOS Universal ZFR 28000 high capacity steam boiler equipped with exhaust gas economizers and all necessary auxiliaries EXCLUDING STACK (Chimney) WHICH IS AN OPTIOAL ITEM, delivered in 2004 and operated only less than 9000 hours. The equipment is in excellent condition. The plant is still installed, boiler is dried and complete boiler house has been kept warm due to operation of a smaller boiler. Attached several pictures of this boiler (before dismantling the first boiler) and auxiliaries as well as manufacturer’s brochure.

Delivery term: As-Is, Where-Is (Russia)
Payment term: 50 % down payment, 50 % before dismantling

Our technical description:

Steam Boiler Plant LOOS Universal ZFR 28 tons/h 10 bar, burner: Natural Gas + Liquid Fuel

Boiler is a three-pass, double-flame smoke tube boiler with separate smoke gas passages and it is also suitable for operation with only single firing. The burners are Weishaupt WKGL 70/2 – A type multifuel (natural gas and light fuel oil) burners which are covered with easily removable insulation box. For natural gas the boiler has gas control train system and for light liquid fuel boiler has two identical fuel pumps. Plant has a large 50 m3 feed water tank with deaerator controlled by separate Siemens Simatic S7 PLC as well as water softener. The boiler has its own main control panel with Simatic S7-300 PLCs

Technical information:

Boiler type: LOOS Universal ZFR 28000 x 10.0
Year of manufacturing: 2004
Total operating hours: approx 9000 hours
Steam capacity: 28 tons / 10 Bar / 185 °C saturated
Burners: 2 x Weishaupt WKGL 70/2-A
Fuel: Natural gas and light fuel oil
Control system: LOOS with Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLC (language: German & Russian)
Water Softener: Varitec Sensotrol 800
Feed water tank: LOOS SB.C – 50 m3 with deaerator and S7 PLC
Feed water pumps: 2 x Grundfos GRNE 32, 30 m3/h, H=113 m, 17 kW
Fuel oil pumps: 2 x Allweiler SPF 40R38, 3.5 kW

OPTIONAL chimney: 1 x Diameter 1200, height 40 meters, self standing
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